artist's statement / resume

I Heard the Term "Primitive" Used, Which I Liked, He Smiles. But You Have to Wait a Month Or So For Real Reactions, 2003
Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York

I Heard the Term "Primitive" Used                
Cement blocks, microphones, Motu 828, iBook

A Model of Contemporary Existence That
Is At Once Universal & Personal, 2002
Building, dismantling of a 533-block piece
Midway Contemporary Art, St. Paul, Minnesota

> Click here to listen to A Model

Her Work Are Epic Dramas, 2000
Momenta Art, Brooklyn, New York

Her Signs Are Expressively Charged, 2000
Brick, paint, portable fluorescent lights

(Dis)mantle Building Set (Whoa Whoa), 1999
Brick, found chairs, tape               

Drawing! Painting! Sculpture!, 1999
Hunter MFA thesis show, New York

Drawing! Painting! Sculpture!, 1999
Furniture and discards found on site, brick

(Dis)mantle Building Set Four, 2000
P.S. 122 Gallery, New York

(Dis)mantle Building Set (British), 1998
Brick, furniture found on site, tape, coffee cup
Slade School of Art, London
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